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Why I'm Running


I’m James Satcher, and after a period of prayer, I am announcing my
candidacy for the 16th District of the United States House of Representatives.

This country’s elected officials in general, and leaders of the House in
specific, have discounted the voice of the people for too long. The citizens
of our district, and the Sun Coast deserve to have a true conservative who will
not be one of Nancy Pelosi’s “go-to guys” when she needs votes.

The people of the 16th District deserve a representative that they can count
on. My opponent voted for billions of dollars of your money to be sent to
international corporations through sweetheart deals with the Export Import
Bank. He voted to leave Planned Parenthood’s half billion dollars of Federal
support after they were exposed for literally selling baby parts. He voted to
increase immigration by four-fold this year. I can’t find any news articles
where he spoke persuasively against the bullying of Christians in the market
place and in the pulpit. The budget continues to swell as he votes with the
democrats for huge, catch all spending bills.

I don’t like that every time Pelosi needed Republican votes, our current
representative was one of the first to get in line. In the Presidential Primary
90% of the 16th district voted for one of the three most conservative choices
on the ballot. The most establishment, middle of the road candidate only
got 7%, but we have a representative who consistently votes with the liberal
wing of the party.

The Conservative Review gives Ted Cruz a 97% score. Marco Rubio’s votes
earned him a respectable 79%. Vern Buchanan has a solid F with a 46%
score from Conservative Review.

My point is this, our district wants a Constitutional Conservative to
represent it in DC, to bring jobs back to America, to stand up against
Obama’s persistent social engineering, to stand up for the 2nd Amendment,
to fight for religious liberty, and to fight for a stronger and more secure
America as we face the threats of Radical Islamic Terrorism.

We need a Conservative Voice, not an Establishment Echo.

I ask for your prayers, your support, and your vote on August 30th and then
again in November. Together we can keep America strong.

James Satcher

Republican Candidate for the 16th District, US House of Representatives